Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tip Tuesday: It's going to happen sometime, be prepared with your answer!

Last night was my 5 year old son's Parent Teacher conference. His teacher (and my friend) got a little gleam in her eye when she pulled out his writing assessment to show me. The prompt went along with the Corduroy bear story. They were to write about a time that they lost something. Here's what little man came up with:

If you're an ebay or amazon mom it's going to happen eventually, might as well prepare your answer now! Luckily for me, my son's teacher is also my friend, so she knows what I do. However, I have encountered other people in the past, and I'm sure I will again in the future, who question in some form what I do for a living.

For right now I usually just agree with whatever situation they offer up- yes, my children are really spoiled, yes, I really like to stock up for Christmas- whatever- if they don't offer a situation I just give them something that will keep them from asking more questions. I have found that telling people the real answer usually results in more expensive prices, or they get mad, so for now I just go with the flow. I live in a small town with limited resources, so I really don't want to make too much competition for myself either.

What do you say when you get asked about what your job is, or why you are buying so much?

p.s. Dear Cashier at Walgreens who would not stop following me around today. I promise I was not stealing, just scanning.  You really don't need to stand 4" away and stare at me. m'kay? Thanks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Sold Wednesday

Here's the Wednesday wrap up for the week.

Number of Items Listed: 2126 (not including multiples)
Sales for the week: 855.15
Average price of items sold: 25.76

I don't have a quick way to tell you the cost of the items I sold, sorry!

Number of Items Listed: 309
Sales for the week: $ 181.49
Cost of Items Sold: 28 
Average price of items sold: $22.00

Sales for the week: 0

Number of Items Listed: 1060 
Sales for the week: 270.00
Cost of Items Sold: 34.00
Average price of items sold: 27.00

total sales for the week: 1307.21

* some numbers were rounded up 

spent on new inventory this week $556.78. There are about 10 items still needing listings created on Amazon from scratch, otherwise it's all boxed up and will be waiting for the UPS man to pick up tomorrow. I am hoping lots of those items will be selling soon so I have some money to spend on inventory. The Dave Ramsey event really woke me up about what I've been spending on inventory and I've decided to cut back for a bit and try to really get everything listed I have out in my shop. It's mostly the items that need listings from scratch or need cleaning, or boxes, basically the things that require extra work. After we get our taxes done Hubby and I will have a better grasp of what our new budget needs to be and I'll see what I am able to spend on inventory after that. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tip tuesday # Old English Polish with Stain

I love this stuff! Perfect for cleaning up and polishing wooden items you find to sell.  Covers small scratches and gives dry wood a new look. I've used it with great success on my own wood furniture, as well as knife blocks, wooden boxes, and shelves for reselling. It comes in several shades to make matching your wood tone easy.  I wouldn't recommend it for use on something you're going to eat off of, and I would also recommend using rubber gloves, or having brown hands and nails. (believe me, I know from experience!) 

I have seen it in Walmart, King Soopers, Target, Hardware stores and also on Amazon. I was lucky enough to find 12 bottles several years ago at Habitat for Humanity thrift store. Score! 

Back tomorrow with a what sold Wednesday Update. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's been happening here

Hello everyone! we've been settling in here to our new routine. My hubby's last day at his old job was Tuesday of this week. Wednesday he kinda hung out around home and it was difficult to get my usual routine done. Thursday night we went to see Dave Ramsey speak in Denver. I purchased tickets as a Christmas present for my hubby for $20 each, which I thought was a really good deal. I was really glad that we went. We had previously followed the Dave Ramsey plan and I still use the envelope system. It was nice to get a refresher and it really helped open up communication between us, which with all of the changes going on around here right now we really needed.

We also went sourcing together for the first time. My hubby did great and found a few items that I wouldn't have even scanned.

I'll be posting more next week. Just trying to adjust to the new normal around here.
I'm planning a post about my new business/family plan and some things I'm going to be doing differently for Amazon also.

See you Monday!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's Selling Wednesday

Here's the Wednesday wrap up for the week.

Number of Items Listed: 1050 (not including multiples)
Sales for the week: 628.67  (pretty slow this week and 2 over $100 returns)
Average price of items sold: 20.96
 I don't have a quick way to tell you the cost of the items I sold, sorry!

Number of Items Listed: 308
Sales for the week: $174.75
Cost of Items Sold: 7.00 (two of the items were free, thanks mom!)
Average price of items sold: $29.00

Sales for the week: 0

Number of Items Listed: 1026 (high of the week was 1032)
Sales for the week: 588.50
Cost of Items Sold: 96.78
Average price of items sold: 22.63

total sales for the week: 1391.92

Hopefully I did all of the math on that correctly!

My favorite sale of the week:
Vintage wooden library card sorter box handmade organizer display shelf
pd. 1.00, sold for $20.00 plus shipping
I loved the patina and the worn edges from obvious years of use and it was  handmade with these little tiny nails. I wanted to put my markers, scissors etc on my desk in it, but knew it would sell, and it did. It's been listed about 8 weeks. 

and just for fun What are you watching on Amazon Prime this week? (I'm running out of good shows to watch while listing, any recommendations?)

This week I've been watching White Queen and Gavin and Stacey

Friday, February 6, 2015

Leap of Faith Post Update

I posted this fall about how sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.
You can see that post here.
I thought you might like an update on how sales have been going.

I found leotards several more times after the first time, and I ended up with 357 mostly thong leotards in various colors and styles, all in size large.
I don't think there has been a week since then that I haven't sold at least one.

I did an inventory yesterday and I have only 73 left! I started out pricing them at $18.95 with best offer, and after a few days of so many sales decided to up the price to $24.95, and decided I would accept any best offers of at least $18.95.

Original total spent on all of the leotards $714.
Total sold so far (I just averaged the sale price to be $20, since I've sold some at 18.95, but most at $24.95) $5680

profit so far $4966 and I still have 73 left. Most of them all solid black, which have been the slowest selling ones, so in a few more weeks I might lower the price on them a little bit.

Sometimes you do have to take a leap of faith and trust your instincts.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Make the most of 20 minutes

Before we start, can you just do me a favor and pretend that I posted this on Tuesday like I meant to, instead of Wednesday!  I'll be back next Wednesday with a "what sells/sold" post. I am trying to get back on my blog post schedule

Being a mom of two and a country girl who only "goes to town" a couple of times a month, I sometimes find myself with 20 minutes to an hour between errands, or appointments. When I go to town I try to just make it an all day thing so I don't have to drive in more than one day.  I'd like to use my time wisely, but it seems like when my brain is put on the spot I can't remember a place close to where I am to go source for a few minutes. So I decided to make a list of thrift stores, consignment shops, and stores that I have been to or want to research and see if they are a place I should put on my rotation.

Here's an example of my list: (By the way, you should know I am terrible at street names/addresses. I am a very visual person and have photographic memory, so I always know where a place is, by association of a place that's near it, or I find it by visualizing the whole street in my head.  It drives my family nuts, because when you ask me for directions to somewhere, you will probably get something like: go down the street by my old school, turn left at the breakfast place with the good waffles and it's right next to that place where I went to try on Prom dresses in high school. I can never find garages sales without my navigation device on my phone!

But tell me it's off of 23rd street and you will get a blank look. :)  So this is how I set my list up, you could make yours with actual addresses.

West side of town (by Dr's Office)
flip flop thrift store

by my old school
thrift store behind 7-11
Rich Old lady Thrift Store
Phat thrift store**
Dollar General

by grocery store
Big Lots

by library
King Soopers
Library Book Sale

middle of town
Dollar General

East side of town
scratch and dent grocery store

** places I've seen but never been to but want to try

Am I the only one who can't remember where to shop without a list?  What do you to to make the most of your time and benefit your business?