Sunday, March 2, 2014

I love auctions

I love auctions so even though I have plenty (a whole warehouse) to list, when my dad asked if I wanted to go to an auction at the neightbor's house up the road, I was in.

I had to take the 4 yr old and the baby with us, as my mom had an appointment to be at and my hubby was working. My parents are 70 years old, but still take care of my kids for me all week. My parents are so awesome. My dad was a great help at the auction with holding the baby and keeping up with the 4 yr old.

There were a lot of people there, and not a lot of goodies that I knew about, but I found these in some totes full of Christmas stuff. My dad's jaw dropped to the ground when I showed him what they sell for on my phone. He wasn't a beliver when I started selling on ebay, but I think I have him convinced now. He's still amazed that I do what I do, so it was cool to show him that I can actually find things just about anywhere.
Apparently someone else looked these up on their phone too, because I had to go to $40 for first choice for the tote these were in. I'm fine with that, I can still make some money on them and there was some other Christmas stuff in the tote I should be able to sell too. I tested them and they work great. My kiddos are enthralled with them. I made a video to attach to my listing too, which should help them sell. 

I also bid on a huge box that looked like mostly plastic tubes. Nobody was bidding and I saw the top of an oreo cookie jar sticking out so for $2.50 I went for it. When I went to go thru it I found that the cookie jar was all busted up, and I was sad until I got to the bottom of the box and found these. 
wedgewood amherst dinnerware

I have saucers, bread and butter plates, salad and dinner plates (all x 8) as well as two serving bowls. The saucers go for $10 each and the others for even more. 

There were some other sellers there and I'm glad I took a chance on it. 
My son found a basket he just had to have for his toys, so the auctioneer made a special sale just for him. He got to bid and everything and was so excited.  I think we have another one hooked! 

We ended up filling the back of hubby's truck and my car for less than $200. 
It was great to spend time with my kids and my dad (although a little crazy at a 3 ring auction with a loaded down stroller, baby and 4 yr old, plus all of the things we bought) and we got some great stuff. I hope we get to go again with my dad soon.  We were going to go to another big auction this Saturday, but my kiddos both came down with croup, I have a sinus infection and my dad is on day 5 of trying to pass a kidney stone, so we weren't able to go. (Maybe the auction was bad luck after all?) 
How about you?  Do you prefer auctions, garage sales, thrift stores, retail, roadside or all you like me- all of the above?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Umm, yeah, so this is how my day is going. . .

I am trying to photograph some big lots of baby clothing to put on my local mom's yardsale group, possibly ebay if I don't have any local takers.

This is how it goes. Open tote, lay out 5 pieces of clothing on the floor, baby sees the clothes and comes crawling over as fast as possible. I say "No!" Baby sits in the middle of the heap of clothes and smiles. I say "NO!" Baby throws more clothes and laughs.  I move baby to kitchen and then continue putting the clothes on the floor and try to get them laying flat. Get ready to take the picture, and this is what I keep getting.

Okay,so it takes me longer than it used to do things. I'm okay with that.  Enjoying my President's day off of my real job.

Photographing clothes- annoying

photo bomber- priceless.

Heres hoping you're getting more done today than I am!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The know it all customer

Ugh, I've reached my limit today of people telling me how to do things. From home to school to ebay everyone I come in contact with today seems to think they know it all.

I just received an email from an ebay customer. He had purchased some shoes from me last week, which I promptly sent out the next day.   He emails me on Friday stating that basically I need to get off my lazy a** and get his package in the mail. So I double check and sure enough, it wasn't scanned by my small rural post office. This is about the 10th package in the last 3 weeks this has happened with. I emailed him back and told him that they must have not scanned it in, but I did send it and would contact the post office. I also told him that the little post office might be overwhelemed due to the 5 foot of snow we've gotten this week as well as the -43 temperature (without the wind chill)  I did contact them and what do you know, it showed ups scanned in on Saturday, (5 days after I sent it) So tonight I get an email from him saying he's glad he contacted me  because they have to scan it when they pick it up and it's about time I sent it. Yes, they are supposed to scan, but it doesn't mean they do, and the only reason they fixed it is because I called them. Not because I didn't send it!  I want to email him back but I don't want to risk negative feedback, which I'm probably already getting. I don't like being accused of lying. If I didn't mail it I would own up to it.
Whatever, I'm just not replying to his email, he'll think I'm still lying either way. Here's hoping he likes the shoes.

So over everything right now.

Thank you for letting me vent. Do you have an annoying customer to share? Tell me about it in the comments!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I think my customers are confused

about what Holiday it is right now.
This past week I sold this Musical Christmas Angel on Etsy

pd. 3.99 sold for 25.00

Then a few days later I got an offer on ebay for this Halloween Scully Singing Plush
paid 2.99, sold for BO 17.99 plus shipping

then the same day I sold this Mickey Light Up Christmas Shirt, I've had it for over a year and tweaked the listing and was going to take it off and give it to my kids the next time it was time to renew it. 
paid $2.99, sold for $10, not the highest profit margin, I'm just ready to move some inventory. 

So I guess, if you list it, it will sell, no matter what time of year it is. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Join Vintage Junk in My Trunk for her Etsy 365 Project list one item a day

 You can see the original post here:

the etsy 365 project

I love the idea of making sure that I post at least one item everyday. I think it's easier to stay accountable if I post it here. So I've decided to join Gina and make a pact to list at least one item each day. Instead of just etsy, I'm going to just make it a listing on one of the places I sell. (Ebay or Etsy) I'm not going to counting listing new items on Amazon, as it's just so much faster to list a new item on Amazon.

As we all know, more listings = more sales.

So here's my plan:
I will be returning to work full time tomorrow. We got an unexpected snow day today (too cold for the buses to start to pick up the kiddos) I am planning on taking as many photos as I can today and then use those photos to list for the week. After that, I plan on taking lots of photos on Saturdays (or holidays) and using them to list the rest of the week. So photos on Saturday and list list list the rest of the week.
I'll update you each week to let you know how many items I got listed and how it's effecting sales.

How about you?  Want to join us? Check it out here:
2014 etsy project

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saving Money in the New Year

We are on a big saving money kick around here these days.  Our Christmas this year was a family decision to be a handmade Christmas. Honestly, I felt like I was channeling  a little Laura Ingalls Wilder (Christmas at Plum Creek, when they make a button string for Carrie because they have no money for christmas gifts)
and while I am thinking of the book, you can find the tv link here

Anyway, the Influenza A and the new job put a little bit of a damper on my gift making, as I had planned on getting a lot of stuff done during my maternity leave, but we all know how that went down. So, I procrastinated and left all of my gift making up until the last 2 weeks until Christmas.

Here's what I was able to get done. I'm sorry, I didn't take any pictures, I was too busy coughing! I will see if my family will lend me a few so I can post photos later. I'm such a bad blogger!

from the kids:
handplate print plates (Christmas Trees and Moose) find tons of ideas here
handprint hats similiar to the plates

little girl "made" everyone plastic bag holders from her formula cans and reindeer ornaments from her formula scoops

little man made painted picture frames from the dollar store for everyone

I made this
button on kitchen towels find directions here

and scrapbook/fishing lure supply holders by spray painting baby food jar lids with chalkboard paint and then putting them in square cake pans from the dollar store

Coffee cup cozies and homemade cappucino and french vanilla coffee mix

I also made a pillowcase doll for little one and play food out of felt for little man- he wants to be a "cooker" when he grows up.

I made some canvas bags for my hubby to take with him when he goes hunting every fall, and I got him a googlechrome cast. I have been trying to get him to get rid of our expensive cable for several years to no avail. But I think this might change his mind!  We are having some problems with the tv screen lagging behind when someone else is on the computer, I think we need a better router, but now I need to hear from all of you, what shows do you love to watch on Hulu plus? I have amazon, but it won't stream, so I am trying out hulu. I have also been watching lots of reselling themed videos on youtube and have watched the every episode of American Horror Story, Dowtown Abbey, Coupling, Downstairs, Upstairs. . . I'm afraid I'm going to run out of shows to watch while I am listing, so I need to know, what are some good girly shows to watch?  I don't want to cancel our cable until I know for sure that are things we will still enjoy watching.

This is the first Christmas that we left December 25th without any extra CC debt!  We are starting the new year in the black, I love that! Now, hopefully I didn't just jinx us.

I will be posting later this week about how my Christmas sales were this year. I only have 6 days left of Christmas break before I head back to the day job.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Feeling a little de ja vu here . . .
remember this post from last spring. right before the baby was born
Here I am again. I have influenza A. I had to leave work on Wednesday with orders from my Dr. that I was to stay home away from the public until December 23rd. Which means I missed the last 3 days of school, an inservice and my students Christmas party. It made me very sad!
I have had a stressful few weeks at work with my formal observation, the regular flu and not very much sleep. This is always what happens when I get too run down. I've hit my brick wall, so I'm going to take it easy, rest, and get things ready for Christmas at my house (especially since I can't leave it for a few more days!)

I am finally able to sit upright, but coughing still makes me see stars!

So far my hubby has gotten it also, my son started with a few symptoms, but so far hasn't had the full blown thing and finger crossed baby girl is doing fine so far with no symptoms. I am the first case in my county in someone who had gotten their flu shot, aren't I a lucky girl?

On the sales front, I had two awesome weeks on ebay and amazon and now sales have slowed down to a trickle. It's been hard to keep going with being sick, so I'm okay with it.  Every year I say that I need to get more listed sooner and this year is no different. So I am listing Christmas items right now, because that's what's in the house and ready to list. If they stay listed until Christmas next year, I'm okay with that.

So, now you know why I've been away from the blog for a while. I'll leave you with some recent sales:

paid $1.99, sold for bid of $45

paid $2, sold for $76 bid

Fisher Price Voice Warp Tape Player 
paid $4.99, sold in two days for $40

Ralph Lauren Numbered Polo Shirt 
pd. $4.99, sold in 3 days for BO of $40

I picked up these two Christmas under the tree trains at different garage sales last summer for $5 and $3 each. I wasn't able to test them when I purchased them, but figured I'd take a chance. When I got them out to list I discovered neither of them worked. So I listed them for sale as is, for parts and they both sold within a month, I didn't make a huge amount, but I was able to pay for them and still make a little profit, I'm good with that!

Ugly Christmas Cardigan with Christmas cats, paid $3.99, sold in 3 minutes for BO of $24

Hope Christmas Sales are living up to your expectations!