Friday, October 24, 2014

Update: Leap of Faith

So far I've gotten 9 different styles/colors of my excercise wear and have had 2 sales already!  They both were this bright floral print leotard thong.  I almost didn't get these because of the print and the thong, but I'm glad I got them. Hopefully the other styles will start flying off of the shelves soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Sold Wednesday

I spent the morning sorting my huge find all over the driveway.

I've gotten almost all of the single color and size ones photographed and I hope to have them all listed by the end of next week.

Here's a quick run down of my sales this week. It's really picking up and I've sold a lot of large items this week. A pain to pack, but nice to free up some room in storage.

1970's Bedspread paid $7.00 half price day sold in two weeks for $49.95

Macrame Swag Light paid $4.99 sold for $30, listed for two years

Charlie Brown Twin Flat Sheet paid 1.47 sold for $39.95 in one day

Boyds Bear Firefighter Throw  paid $3.99 sold in two months for $34

Mid Century Modern Suitcase paid $2.99 sold in a week for $24.95

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tip Tuesday # 10- sometimes you've got to take a leap of faith

this post could also be titled- What did I do?

Either I hit pay dirt today, or I just wasted alot of money. I'm really hoping its the first scenario!

I visted the local Gdub in my town on the way to a well baby check up.  I was cruising quickly thru the Halloween costumes when I happened upon several hundred NWT excercise/ work out wear items. I had purchased a few of them this summer and had really good results. Since they were in the Halloween section they qualified for my club blue Halloween Costume 2 day Discount.  I ended up grabbing two carts and loading up and I even left a few behind. I now have approximately 200 excercise work out wear items to list. I think it will go fast, as there are several of the same design, just different sizes. I am hoping for nice weather tomorrow so I can sort them out on the driveway and figure out exactly what I have.  I paid $1.00-$2.00 a piece and expect to sell them for $18-$39 a piece.

So I am now either $400 in the hole or I am about to sell over $4000 dollars. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

How about you, have you ever taken a leap of faith?

Monday, October 20, 2014

I have to tell you, because I know you will understand.

No one in my family understands what this means, but I know that you will.

Finally, in the blue instead of the red!  I'm barely in the blue, but next month some more defects should fall off and then I should be fine, if there are no huge problems this month, (knock on wood!)

and on an odd note, no defect has ever shown up for the wallpaper guy negative that I got over a week ago. I was going to call ebay and try to fight it, but I'm not going to bring to their attention if they didn't notice, so as long as it doesn't show up as a defect, I'm going to let sleeping dogs lie.

I apologize for not having a make it monday recipe today. I had to run some errands in town and didn't stay home to make stuff today, so I'll try and post something later in the week. Hope evaluation day brought a smle to your face too!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Warning Vent Ahead: Come on people, read!

Ugh, had it with people who don't bother to read the listings.

Two days ago I received a negative feedback (no previous communication) that stated the wallpaper the person bought from me wouldn't stay on the wall.  After communicating with the buyer, I found out he didn't read the directions and put the wallpaper up incorrectly. I will be calling ebay on that one. It arrived in the condition I described it in, what the buyer does after that I have no control over!

Then today I received two inquiries on items they claimed were not as described. One on Amazon and one on Etsy.

The Amazon listing was described as:
acceptable condition, gently used, has a name written on the back in black marker, plastic slightly discolored from storage

the customer wrote me today stating the item wasn't new and had a name written on the back-

umm yeah, I know!

and then the etsy listing which said (and also is shown in the photo)  :
12 matching pairs and 8 lone pieces

I just got an email from that customer wondering why there were 8 pieces that didn't have a matching piece. 

Some days it just never seems to end...... and now back to listing,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tip Tuesday # 9 Garage Sale Shopping Made Easier

I have a hard time hauling around little man, baby girl, and the stroller all while keeping track of my purse when sourcing at garage sales, and even at retail stores  I found the perfect solution.  I can fit my cash, credit card, phone and most importantly my inhaler. (I run into a lot of people who are smoking at garage sales and in front of stores, which usually means I need to use my inhaler.) I've also been known to sneak in a package or two of fruit snacks to keep the littles busy. 
It keeps it close at hand and my hands free. 

I do not have an affiliation with this product or company, just a happy customer. 

What's your go to carry all for sourcing?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Makin it Monday: Cold Weather Drinks

It's been a few cold days here in Colorado. Right now it's drizzling, the wind is blowing like crazy and we are headed into town to take baby girl back to the Dr. She is still coughing a lot at night and the nebulizer doesn't seem to be helping, so I want to make sure it hasn't morphed into something else.

When we get home I plan on making this in the crockpot, so it will be nice and warm for little man to drink when he gets off the bus this afternoon.

BTW, I love this site, slow cooking for a year- this was one of the first crockpot websites I found a few years ago and I love it!