Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tip Tuesday #7 Homemade Goo Gone

I spend one day a week removing packing tape goo. I hate the stuff.
I found this recipe on Pintrest. I made a big batch and keep it in an empty truvia jar with an old toothbrush.
I like it because it's thick and stays on without running everywhere.

I put it on in the morning and let it soak until little one's nap time. Works great, inexpensive and easy to make.

Homemade Goo Gone
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup oil (olive, canola, vegetable)
1 tsp. dish soap (I love Dawn)
20 drops Lemon essential oil
Mix all ingredients in a bowl until smooth. Store in an airtight glass container. Remove as much of the label/sticker from container as possible. Spread generously over the sticker, rub it in a bit with your fingers to help it absorb. Leave mixture on container for 10-15 minutes or longer. With your finger rub in circular motions until all adhesive is removed. Wipe off and wash with a little soap and water. Makes about 8 oz.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

BOLO: Leap Frog Phonics Writing Desk

I found two of these in my teacher stuff. They were discolored from being stored. They had my name written on the back. But I tested them and they worked. So I listed them and they sold for $29.95 plus shipping in less than two days. I bet you can find these at yardsales and thrift stores if you look for them.  There aren't any for sale on Amazon. I sold one on ebay and one on amazon. If you find one in better condition than mine, list it high. If you see them, buy them in a hurry! It'll be worth your while! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feeling Discouraged

Ugh, I've about had it this week with ebay.
I have a buyer who is trying to scam me and sent back parts from a printer that wasn't mine, the paper tray doesn't even fit it and he sent back two powercords, when I only sent one.

Then today I have a case opened by a lady who says I have never replied to her emails. I have replied to all of them, within an hour of her sending them. So she opens a case for some brand new in package pens she says won't write. How do I know if they don't write, as they are new in package- I didn't open them to try them out! And honestly how do I know that they don't write for her? I sent her a refund thru paypal a few days ago and now it isn't showing up. So now I have 2 defects for this month and I just checked and she already left me a negative.

At this rate I'll be closing up shop in March. I just can't seem to get out of the hole, no matter how hard I try. I am an honest seller, I describe my items correctly. I ship usually the same day. I can't seem to win for losing, So, I apologize for lack of posts lately. I'm just feeling really fed up and discouraged.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tip Tuesday # 6 Google Drive

I first heard about this way of managing my ebay listings from the podcast Scavenger Life.

My husband is getting a little fed up with all of my unlisted inventory sitting around piles in our house and asked me to find a way to keep my ebay stuff out in my ebay room in my metal shop building.

Which I totally understand, I'm getting tired of all of the stuff around too. But I've tried before and have not had very good luck with listing items without having the item with me. I've tried writing it down in notebooks but it just takes too long.

My solution:
google drive 

It's an online way of keeping track of your inventory, pictures, etc. So you can list from anywhere and more than one person can access it.

I've been testing it out for a few weeks and it's been going great. I take photos and type up quick descriptions out in my shop. (I['m much faster at typing than writing)  Then I add the item to my to be put away tub and take my computer back into the house. Now I can list late a night or whenever or wherever I have time without having to take everything with me, I'm excited to try it out when we travel, I've been able to get more listed and things put away where I can find them when they sell.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Make it Monday- Make Ahead Muffin Omlets

It's Make it Monday at the Granny's Hoard Household.

On today's Menu:
Make Ahead Muffin Omlets- these are a great way to start the day and during fourth quarter (which is right around the corner) will allow you to get the kiddos off to school and then right to work, no mess to clean up, and a healthy breakfast for everyone!

Pintrest link to tons of recipes here:

Also on the schedule today:
Drop off Little Man at school (instead of sending him on the Bus)
Starbucks treat for Mommy (thank you swagbucks for the gift card!)

Baby Story time at the Library for Baby Girl - it's kind of ridiculious how excited I am about this- I used to take both kids in the summer and was always envious of the stay at home mommies who could take their kiddos all of the time- now I can do it too!

Quickly hit up retail and thrift stores for FBA inventory - I only have 6 boxes full of inventory for this week so far, I need to try to get 14 by Thursday or Friday.
Grocery Store
Home in time to meet Little Man at the bus stop

Tomorrow I have a massage appointment- only because all of the baby lifting and 50 lb FBA box lifting has taken a toll on my shoulder and neck. I haven't been able to turn my neck to the right for a week and I think the migraines are also partly coming from this. I hope to be able to shop before my appointment and be able to find enough profit to cover my massage.

Friday, September 12, 2014

BOLO: Leg Air Massagers and other sold items this week

I meant to post this on Wednesday, but the week got away from me before I knew it!
Here is a BOLO:
Always look up any made for TV items when you find them in the wild. Some are not worth very much, but lots can go for good profits. I paid $2.99 for this at my "secret" thrift store that not many people know about. After I got it home I discovered it was missing the ac adapter cord, I tested it with one of mine and it worked so I made sure to note that in my listing. Even so priced a few dollars higher than the other listings. It sold 5 hours later for $49. I had to have these type of boots on my legs after both of my c-sections and they made my very clastrophobic and drove me nuts. They feel like having two giant blood pressure cuffs on your legs. But they are good for preventing blood clots. I guess someone out there likes to use them! 

 Speaking of the "secret" thriftstore, I did see a box marked Amazon behind their cash register the other day. And today I heard the manager telling the girl at the counter that he couldn't keep up with his orders, that everytime he checked he sold something again. (I only saw 4 packages waiting for the post office pick up on the counter). I'm afraid they might catch on to more than books and cds for Amazon soon! I'm trying to be more careful about pulling out my phone to look things up while I'm shopping. Until they catch on  I'll keep looking for profits like this! The same day  I also picked up a kitchen cooking item for $29.99 - my 20% coupon for one item that I got for donating a few sacks before I went shopping. It's going on Amazon for over $199!  Now I just have to find a box that fits it for FBA. 

Sales have dropped a little bit this week, but I am still up from a month ago. Here are a few of my sales this week:
These are from my $2 auction box. I have already sold the other dishes for a profit of $100.  I had a best offer on these a few weeks ago, but the person ended up not paying. Then last night I got another offer that was kind of low, but I was going to take a little less than I wanted because she wanted to buy some other dishes too. The hang up was she wanted free shipping, which I can do as long as they fit in a large flat rate box, but were too big to combine shipping in one box. While she was telling me how I wanted too much I had  another person sweep in and offer only $2 less than my asking price, so I sold them to her. :) 

paid less than .10 each, asking $24.95, sold for 22.00 x 4= $88.00- large flat rate shipping

a few minutes later I had someone make a low ball offer on this shirt, I counter and while waiting to hear back from them, it sold to someone else for full asking price!

pendelton wool plaid shirt paid $4.99 two year ago, was listed and then when I did inventory I realized it had disappeared, so I relisted again a few weeks ago. Sold for $50, free flat rate shipping

and then I had another low ball offer of $12 for this vintage maternity shirt. I countered and while I was waiting to hear back, it sold to someone else for full asking price $24.95.  I purchased this shirt when I was pregnant with baby girl 2 years ago. I got it for a great price of $8.00 on clearance on etsy. Then I wore it for about 5 months of my pregnancy, and the sold it again for profit. Love that! 

Two lessons that have been reinforced for me this week. Price it the price you think it's worth and don't let people's lowball offers get to you. Also, while dishes can be slow sellers, and are a pain to pack, they are one of my bread and butter items. 

Also, I'm beginning to think that having an offer on an item makes it show up higher in the rankings. Have you had an item purchased while you were waiting on a counter offer? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tip Tuesday # 5

Take advantage of everyway to get a discount.
I have been very busy decluttering my house and old stale ebay inventory. I bag or box it up and put it in my car as soon as the bag or box is full. I then take it to the only thrift store in my town that gives a 20% off one item coupon for each time that you donate. I figure at least my might help me find my newest money maker!

I also take advantage of any club or card the thrift stores offer. With my blue card from Goodwill I rack up a 50% off sale about every other visit, which means I can get everything in my cart for half off, when other people in the store can't. Love that!